This page deals with the running order and music which can be played at your wedding disco and gives an example of an actual evening wedding reception timescale.

Popular First Dance Requests

Aerosmith - I dont want to miss a thing

U2 - The Sweetest Thing

Shania Twain - Your still the one

Andy Williams - Can't take my eyes of you

Van Morrison - Have I told you lately

Ronan Keating - When you say nothing at all

Robbie Williams - Angels

Daniel Beddingfield - If your not the one

Jack Johnson - Better Together

Al Green - Lets stay together

Will Young - All time love


We always invite all of our clients to provide a playlist, ahead of the function detailing any special requests which we will try and include during the course of the Evening. We do ask that this request list is kept to 15 tracks or less, to ensure continuity and for us to incorporate the requests of your guests on the night of the actual function.

At Wedding Receptions, or indeed any function with a mixed aged audience we usually try and avoid anything too specialised, or Genre's such as Heavy Metal, Rap, Trance and non commercial Dance Music unless specifically requested by the client (where they believe that it would be appreciated by their guests). Of course, we do tailor the music to the age range of the audience, and so if you do have an audience consisting of mainly Younger Guests then the playlist will be tailored accordingly, and exactly the same for older age groups as well.

The Running order of the actual disco depends largely on your booking with the wedding venue, and any Buffet or Dining arrangement. Obviously if you have arranged a meal during the 'Wedding Breakfast' then you should allow for a little flexibility in your Evening arrangements, since, in our experience events such as the meal itself, and speeches etc can tend to overun a little. If you have invited Evening Guests, then you should also allow at least 45 mins beyond the time stated on the Wedding Invitations for everyone to arrive, so it isn't advisable to plan your first dance too early.

This is a sample running order, assuming a 7.30 - 12.00 function

6.45 - The Mobile Disco arrives at the Venue / Set up
7.30 - Background Music whilst Evening Guests Arrive
8.30 - Bride and Groom's First Dance & Disco Starts
9.15 - Buffet (If the cake has not been cut earlier in the Evening, this is usually a good time, just ahead of the Buffet)
10.00 - Disco
12.00 - Last Dance and Evening Ends

Again, it is difficult to set any form of firm running order and so you should allow some deviation during the function to allow for earlier events which may have over-run or guests who may be running late.

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